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We grow Mangosteen trees & ship anywhere in the world.

This exotic rarity now can be yours to grow and harvest. Imagine growing your mangosteen trees and picking the fresh ripe “Queen of Fruit” off your own tree. What a treat ingredient for chilled appetizers, salads, desserts, toppings and more.

If you want to be enlightened and inspired by nature, then you’ll experience a sense of wonder when growing your own mangosteen trees. Nature will reveal the mystery to you when you develop your intuitive understanding of this tree. It has an intriguing way of communicating to its caregiver. Some say it’s just short of being supernatural.

The tree propagates itself through a hermaphroditic process so there’s no need to be concerned whether your tree is male or female. In the right conditions it flowers twice a year following a short dry period. Once the fruit is formed it takes approximately 5 months to ripen. The segmented fruit is the size of a golf ball concealed inside a colorful shell the size of a tangerine.

The mangosteen is considered the finest tasting fruit in the world. It’s a tropical exotic fruit with sweet and juicy snow-white segments inside a thick purple rind. It’s desired around the world by those who have discovered it yet has been unavailable on the US mainland. The fruit itself has never been imported due to government regulations. However, it is legal to import mangosteen trees so you can grow your own.

What’s best about this amazing fruit is its health benefits. Garcinia mangostana contains antioxidants and xanthones that fight disease, bacteria, inflammation and fungi.  Although it hasn’t been medically proven yet there are reports the xanthones protect your heart and lower blood pressure.  They’re anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-aging.

Mangosteen trees have been growing on the Hawaiian Islands for years and remain in great demand. They’re grown now experimentally in warm climates between So. California and Florida and in semi-tropical locations throughout the world. They’ve been grown successfully in heated greenhouses in cooler climates. Exposure to temperatures below 40 degrees F. and above 100 degrees F. can destroy a healthy mature tree.

Click here for planting and feeding instructions for your Mangosteen tree