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Now you can buy your own Mangosteen tree

These trees need deep, rich, well drained soil and their roots require constant moisture. They prefer high atmospheric humidity and won't tolerate lengthy drought periods. They're not adapted to limestone soil and prefer slightly acidic loamy soil with high organic content in the pH range of 5-6. They will grow in dry climates using irrigation and can be planted from sea level to 2000' elevation.

If you determine that your climate and conditions are in harmony with the needs of the mangosteen tree, then order today. Shade your trees for the next 3 years before allowing for full sun. You will receive a 4-5 year old tree that will fruit in 7 to 11 years. Its yield will increase each year thereafter. Full planting and feeding instructions will be included with your order.

Pick up or delivery available on the Big Island of Hawaii.
For International orders or for information on quantity discounts email:

Write or call to place an order for a 5 year old tree and you will be billed.

David Bennett
P.O. Box 1816,
Honokaa, HI 96727